Tuesday, March 16, 2010

The Beginning of a LONGGGGG journey!

We left XNA today (for Africa) around 5:30 p.m. The flight from XNA to Chicago went smooth-no complications. We had a short layover in Chicago then departed for London for our overnight flight. Before we left for London we were able to change into comfy clothes, wash our faces and brush our teeth...THANK GOODNESS! There was MUCH more room on the London flight-I sat next to the window, which was nice. I have NEVER flown more than 2 or 3 hours so this experience was about to be a new one for me. I took Nyquil and was able to sleep pretty well. Leaving for London was pretty emotional for me...I know it sounds silly- but it's amazing how attached/dependent we become on our cell phones/computers. I almost had a panic attack thinking about turning my phone off for 2 weeks. haha! Sad huh? Talking to my family and friends before we boarded the plane made me sad...I've never gone 2 weeks without talking to them. I know they're worried about me and that makes it even more difficult that I can't talk to them. International cell phone rates are insane! I'm hoping that this trip will make me realize how sometimes I need to take a break from the computer/phone and use that time for more productive things. This is my first time on a different continent...7 hr 20 min flight...it was SO neat to be able to watch the GPS map on the way over...always knowing where we were was cool. Some noteable places we flew over...Kalamazoo MI-home of MATT G from American Idol last year, Montreal and Nova Scotia in Canada, a LONG way over the Atlantic Ocean then over Ireland. I want to go there really bad one day. The meals on the plane...NOT SO GREAT. Well...that's it for today...we'll be in London soon.

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