Tuesday, March 23, 2010


I'm feeling better this morning! Somewhat of a sore throat but not as bad as last night. Gina and Meredith cooked yummy pancakes. This was the first morning I ate the cooked breakfast...I had just been eating poptarts. We left at 7:45 this morning to go to a new village, called Chodzdza Village, because there was a death in Madzanje village. In their culture they do NOTHING if someone passes away in their village. They stay at home as a time of mourning. It has been SO funny this week because some of these people have NEVER seen a camera before. Today Meredith pulled out her camera and pointed it out the window of the bus as we were driving...this one lady covered up her face quickly like she thought she was about to get shot or something?! On the way to evangelize...we saw the BIGGEST caterpillar looking thing i've EVER seen! O MY! It was HUGE! Look at the picture below. Today during our evangelism I was really touched by a group we met. They were SO happy to meet us (as most of the people were)...they were SO joyous too. It made me really put things into perspective in my own life. They have NOTHING but are SO SO HAPPY. I think about this everytime I walk up to a new hut. I honestly haven't thought much about life back home since i've been here. Sure I miss everyone, but it has been nice not to have to think about bills and stress and such. Abbie and I were fortunate to lead 13 to Christ today! AMEN! I can't believe I've gone 23 years without sharing the gospel with the intent to save someone and so far i've been a part of 31 salvations. GOD IS GOOD! At lunch today they had a souvenir vender bring items for us to buy to Esther's House. These were all hand carved/painted/made by a man from Lilongwe. I spent ALL my remaining kwacha which was about $80-90. I got A LOT! This stuff is BEAUTIFUL! Who knows what I'll do with all of it! We played with Isaac and Precious again today. They are the cutest/sweetest/most well behaved kids ever. They don't speak any English except for when you say..."How are you?" and they say "I am fine...thank you." It's SO CUTE! Abbie and Tyler also taught them how to say "I love you." They learned all of our names as well. They are SMART KIDDOS! There's a video post at the end of it. Now it was time for decipleship. Abbie and I led songs again.

During the 2nd group of kids a little girl wandered up to where we were. This happens a lot...kids come out of no where by themselves. She wasn't any older than 2. She looked afraid so I went up and said "Wa Wa" (hi). She smiled. She let me hold her and I immediately fell in love. This is her in the pictures. She was BEAUTIFUL! Abbie's translator asked her her name and said said Clara. She broke my heart because when the kids switched groups, she wanted to stay. We also met a little girl that was TINY...probably younger than 2...she sang and danced the whole time. SO CUTE! When it was time to leave I waved to Clara and she thought that meant that I wanted her to come with me. This made me SO SAD. All I could think about was "Does she have parents?" "Where does she sleep?" "Is she hungry?" There are SO many orphans here. Around 1 million total in Malawi alone. This DEFINITELY changes my opinion on adoption in my future plans. I don't see

how I couldn't now. Have I mentioned that there are ANTS EVERYWHERE?! They don't seem to phase the people here...but mannn...they drive me crazy. I forgot to mention that on the way to the new village we passed the kids in Madzanje...Joshua the translator yelled for them to follow us to the new village. There were around 150 kids chasing our bus. We tried to get a picture but I don't think any of them turned out. We got to talk with a man today who was a preacher. He told us his testimony and then said that he didn't even have a Bible. I wished that I could've given him mine but he wouldn't have been able to read it. This made me sad!!! A funny story from today before I go...before I tell it...I need to set it up. Okay...apparently here it's perfectly fine and normal to breast feed in public. The first few days of evangelism...I would somewhat get distracted when telling the story of Jesus when a woman was openly breast feeding in front of me. I got used to it as the week went on though. haha! Okay...back to the story...Clint was asked to pray over a woman who's breast milk had dried up in one of her breasts. Of course he did it because that's an important thing for the baby to be able to eat...but the running joke in the house was "I sure hope you didn't lay hands on her." ha! GOODNIGHT EVERYONE! :)

Video of Isaac and Precious...I just can't get enough of these boys!

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