Friday, March 19, 2010


I am EXHAUSTED! I got 30 mins of sleep MAX on the flight from London to Ethiopia last night. And when I was finally able to fall asleep...I was awakened by the flight attendant putting a hot towel in my face. UGH! I'm trying to be positive but I don't work well on no sleep. The sunrise from the air was BEAUTIFUL this morning though. It was almost worth waking up for. I have felt nauseous all morning. I think it has a lot to do with the lack of sleep and weird food! We are now 8 hours ahead of Arkansas time...this time change is really getting to me too. We just landed in Ethiopia and things look a lot different out the window! There are lots of guys at different points on the landing strip just sitting there...who knows what they were doing? But hey...guess what...we're FINALLY in Africa! WOO HOO! Minus the exhaustion part I really am excited about being in Ntcheu. So...we get off the plane and onto shuttles to take us to our terminal but we have to go BACK through security again. We had no problem with that, but when we went to board, the workers at the desk said that we needed our ticket, not our boarding pass. The problem was, they gave us BOTH boarding passes in London. We asked the workers how in the world we'd have a boarding pass if we didn't have a ticket before and they said "That's the mystery." That was one of our most used quotes all week after that. haha! The other problem...the ONLY FLIGHT to Lilongew was this one and we were scheduled to take off 45 minutes after we landed. Talk about stressful! Thank JESUS they let us on this plane! Clint and Rodney have been GREAT at dealing with all our mishaps! we're on the plane to Lilongwe and of course...I can't sleep...SO I decided to journal. I'm to that point where I'm SO tired that I can't sleep until i'm laid flat out in a bed...I'm wondering if we'll EVER get to see one. I'm sitting by a sweet mother/daughter from London. They're going to Lilongwe to visit their son/brother and his wife and new baby. He works with a church planted in Lilongwe by a church in San Diego. The daughter that is sitting by me is around my age and a student at a university in London studying biblical studies and about to start on nursing. During this visit to her brother's house she is scheduled to do some bible studies through their church. It is really neat to meet believers with our common goal of reaching the lost SO far away. It was really neat to talk with them about cultural differences between Europe and America. We had a big conversation about the currency exchange rate. She said that if anyone she knows goes to America they always stock up on iPods and other electronics because they can get them so much cheaper. Then, the only thing they have to do is get an adapter an they saved a ton of money. It makes sense. She said it's definitely worth it to save the money. I asked her if she thought all Americans sounded the same...(because I think all British people do) and she said no...she said she can tell a difference but didn't know where I was from by my accent. Well...I am going to force myself to get some sleep. We'll see how that goes. And O yea...I told this girl that we have a 3-3 1/2 hour drive from Lilongwe to Ntcheu and she said O NO...the roads are TERRIBLE...I hope the car you're in has good suspension! HAHA! Yeah sickness here I come! :( Praying so hard that doesn't happen. Love you all...miss home and everyone LOTS!

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