Friday, March 26, 2010


IT'S OVER! :( I can't believe we're leaving today!!! I am NOT ready to leave but I am excited about seeing everyone back home...AND PORKIE! (My translator thought it was SO funny that we had dogs for inside pets). We woke up at 5:45 this morning for the long bus ride to Lilongwe. It wasn't near as crowded this trip as the first trip. Chan and I sat up front and listened to music the whole way. We like a lot of the same music but the 10 year age gap is definitely apparent in some of the songs! HA! Kuzaloh, Bruce, Joseph and Banda all went with us to the airport to send us off. Is it custom for them to "see their guests off". I thought that was so sweet...especially considering that it was a 3 1/2 hour trip. Pastor Charles met us on the side of the road to say goodbye too. These people are SO kind. O yeah...I forgot to tell you...our running water worked this morning at the house. How convenient huh? HA! O well. I will miss this place SO much. The gorgeous mountains and yellow flower trees. It was SAD leaving everyone. Joseph said that this was his first time in an airport. Banda asked Chan and I for our phone numbers because he said he liked to text. I hope he knows international rates are high. haha! Here's a pic of Chan and Banda.

Before we got on the plane, Clint bought us all cokes. We have had a major obsession with them this week. I definitely miss my diet dr pepper...sonic happy hour!!! AGH! On the first from Lilongwe to Addis Ababa I got to sit by Clint and Chandler. That was fun. When they came by to ask us what we wanted for dinner..."Chicken or Beef"...Clint had his headphones on and answered "COKE". It was pretty comical. The flight attendant even thought so. This flight had a quick refueling/some passenger change in the Congo. We made it to Addis and found our coke fix in the airport then boarded for London. Little did we know that this flight has a refueling stop in ROME! Only if we had time to look around. I feel like i've been all over the world in just a few short days. It is pretty tiring. I got lucky on this's a much nicer plane with more room and although i'm not sitting by anyone I know..I have the SWEETEST lady from London on the same row and we have an empty seat between us. I haven't eaten ANY of the food today on the flights (other than bread). I'm so ready for Chicago and AMERICAN FOOD. O yeah...before we left Addis we were stuck on the runway for 1 hour because of electrical failure. SCARY! Flexibility has been our motto these 2 weeks...I don't think ANYTHING has gone exactly as planned but it sure has been fun/interesting. I'm trying to stay awake on this flight so that I can sleep on the London-Chicago flight to get my time clock right. We'll see how that goes. I'm done writing's 3:50 am Addis time. NIGHT! All this time change is about to really confuse me!


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