Monday, March 22, 2010


Today started out AMAZING! :) We began by evangelizing in Madzanje village. I was VERY nervous because this was the first time I use the Evangecube by myself and truthfully...the first time I let someone to Christ alone. As we walked through from hut to hut I began to think about how much God has changed my heart this week. I didn't have the best attitude going into the trip, especially because of all of our travel problems, but seeing the joy of these people changed my perspective. Their culture is so extremely different from ours...when we walk up....they drop everything they're doing and bring their best seat whether it be a chair or straw mat. If we were evangelizing in America we would get laughed at/doors slammed in our face. We walked up to our first group of people of the day. They brought out a straw mat for us to sit on and we invited them to the discipleship that afternoon. Then we asked them if they knew the story of Jesus. They said I asked if I could tell them the story. They agreed. I got out the evangecube and went through the story of Jesus dying for us. They listened SO intently and you could tell they genuinely wanted to hear what we had to say. AT the end I asked if they had ever made the decision to follow Christ before. It has been a confusing thing here because of the language barrier-we have to really emphasize that this is a one time decision. These specific people said that they had never made the decision before but they wanted to. I was SO excited about this but I was SO nervous at the same time because this was my first time to pray the prayer of salvation with someone. I knew they would be God's words and not mine but I was still nervous. God definitely spoke through me and these people are all new additions to God's kingdom. YAY! Abbie and I had 18 professions of faith. :) Another woman we talked to had a baby that was sick. The mother asked Abbie and I to pray for her for healing. Coincidentally her name was Esther. :) We met another lady with Malaria that we got to pray for as well. After evangelism we went back to Esther's House for lunch. Same lunch as every other day...nsema, rice, potatoes and some meat. I gave up eating the meat the first day...I just can't do it. Duncan's dad asks me EVERYDAY if I will learn to cook him nsema. If he only knew my cooking skills. haha! I got to pump water today from the boar hole...the ladies laughed when I asked if I could. One of the community boar holes had been broken so our team helped fix it. They were very thankful for that. Next was discipleship time. We met by the chief's office because there was a lot of open land. Abbie and I were put in charge of music- along with our translators and Joshua-another translator who is AMAZING WITH CHILDREN! :) There were 2 other kids stations-kinda like story station and the game playing station. There were also 2 adult sessions...1 with men and 1 with women. They were taught bible stories mostly. We taught the kids "Deep and Wide," "God is so Good," "Yes, Jesus Loves Me," and we had 2 that were failures..."This Little Light of Mine," and "Father Abraham"...because there were WAY TOO MANY WORDS. haha!!! Joshua led the kids in the Malawian songs..they were so sweet. At the end of our 3rd group of kids, we handed out 2 pieces of candy to each child. You would've thought we gave them GOLD! You have to be careful how you give out anything around here. You have to distribute everything evenly or you'll get swarmed by children coming out of the woodworks. I don't know if I wrote about the random animals we see day to day, but we saw a goat today and out of no where I decided to talk to the goat in an Australian/British mix accent..."ello goat." HA! Weird I know! At the end of the day we went back to Esther's house and Bruce informed us that the orphans had a performance for us. It was SO CUTE! They said bible verses-one girl memorized all of Psalm 23 in ENGLISH. AMAZING! They sang songs in English and Chichewa. Isaac and Precious sang was the cutest thing ever. 540 total people have accepted Christ up to this point. So encouraging.

Our sweet friend Asan...he was with us ALL WEEK. No matter what village we were in
This picture breaks my heart

Me with baby Zach
Precious, Me, Isaac and Abbie

I got to pump water from the community boar hole...they ladies thought it was funny that I wanted to!
The Lord is really working through our team. We got back to the house and STILL NO WATER. I'm used to this now...we have just been taking showers at Esther's house every night. I'm going to bed early tonight. I think i'm getting sick! Sore throat and swollen lymph nodes. I don't get it because i've been on antibiotics and Zyrtec since before I got here. UGH! Praying I feel better tomorrow! LOVE YOU ALL! GOODNIGHT!]
Sweet lady that washed our clothes for us!

I loved this little girl....SO CUTE!

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