Wednesday, March 24, 2010


I woke up in the middle of the night to a HUGE rain/thunderstorm. I honestly was scared. I couldn't go back to sleep for a while. My bed is right by the window and our window is open with a screen on was SO LOUD. We left the house at 8 this morning headed to the new village Makwangwala. It turned into a BEAUTIFUL DAY!

This is the sweetest thing EVER! To the people of Ntcheu holding hands is the ultimate sign of friendship. Tyler and Stanley are big buddies! SO SWEET!
Our team with the Chief of Makwangwala

It is custom to greet the chief when you go to a new village/district. The chief this morning seemed very nervous when we greeted him. He gave a speech about how their community was in great need and they knew that American's had great wealth. He quoted Matthew 7:7 "Ask and it shall be given..." so he said..."I ask." He talked about how they were in desperate need of a medical clinic because the ambulance won't pick up in the village unless there is a clinic there. He said that a lot of pregnant women suffer because they don't have cars to get to the hospital. Another need they have is tin for their roofs and concrete for floors. They already have an abundance of clay and brick. This was humbling for me because we as Americans are too prideful to ask for anything. I wish I had all the resources to help. Today was our last day of evangelism in the villages. It took all I had to make it through this morning. I was physically exhausted and I didn't feel well at all. I had the worst headache.
My attitude changed for the better when we came upon the primary school. This was a HUGE opportunity for us to invite to our discipleship and to share with the evangecube. Before we were able to meet with the kids we had to get permission from the principal. He was very sweet to welcome us like he did. He gathered all 800 kids in one place and we got to share the gospel with all of them.

It was so funny to see how the primary school kids reacted to us. I dont think they had ever seen white people before. They would yell "azungu"...which means white people. We heard that a lot the whole week. haha! They were all very intrigued by my camera too. While some of our team were standing around under a shade tree today, a snake fell out of it and onto the ground. I didn't see it, but the people from the village said it was very poisonous. I would've freaked out for sure. Today was a special day for Chandler. He shared the gospel for the first time and 2 accepted Christ. It was our last day to eat the traditional Malawi meal. I got my regular- nsema, rice, and the wonderful potatoes. yummy! Isaac and Precious got to come with us to eat today. They did a good job using spoons. Normally they eat with their hands. Below is a picture of a sweet girl Abbie and I got to pray for today. She ran to us to ask for our prayers for an illness. SO SWEET!
Next on the schedule was the discipleship. We did it different today because we didn't have near as many people there. I helped out with the kids story time. Gina told the story of The Red Sea and Travis gave his testimony...they both did a great job with the kids. At the end we handed out candy like normal...their little faces lit up. Their word for candy (that we understand) is "sweeties". When we drove down the road in our van all the kids would yell SWEETIES SWEETIES. I wish I could feed them kills me. After the story time we were standing around and the kids were eating their candy. A herd of cows/bulls came stampeding through our group. All the kids scattered but one little boy who was barely older than 1. He was standing there clueless...enjoying his candy. Travis saw this and swooped in and saved didn't even phase the boy...he just kept eating his candy. Before discipleship was over, Clint spoke a message to the group of men, women, and children. Proverbs 3:5-6. It was a great message but it was hard for me to keep focused because of the gnats EVERYWHERE. They got up next to your face and wouldn't go away. Our last thing on the schedule for the night was saying goodbye to everyone at Esther's House. I wasn't prepared for this to be as emotional as it was. We all sat in a circle, by our translators, and told stories about what this week has meant to us. We brought them all a gift (food/clothes/money). They were all very appreciative. The amount of money we gave them was about 7 USD but they said that this was about 1/3 of the yearly salary of the normal Ntcheu worker. CRAZY HUH?! They all had the sweetest spirit...always wanting to pray for US and wondering what they can do for US. Pastor Saquea remembered my name the whole week. I got teary eyed telling him bye. Stanley (Tyler's translator-pictured above) was a sweetheart too. He is about to start seminary. Duncan gave me his e-mail address so we can keep in touch. At the end of all the goodbyes we all took the Lord's Supper together. This was so amazing! I love these people...I don't want to leave AT ALL. The hardest part was saying bye to Isaac and Precious...these kids are they sweetest kids ever. My heart breaks that they only have 3 outfits and their shoes aren't great...I know Bruce and Joseph take great care of them but I wish there was more I could do. Their "I LOVE YOU MORGAN" melted my heart. Or they'll say "Ndimakukonda Morgan." It gets me EVERYTIME! If you didn't see the video...look at it from yesterday's post. 1 more shower at Esther's house. THANK YOU JESUS for Esther's House showers! :) see the pictures of the showers below! We still have no water in the house! I'm pretty much used to it. The simple life is nice. Goodnight from Malawi!

Abbie and me with our translators..Duncan and Akuna

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